December 27, 2003

Don Lindo
Attorney at law
P.O. Box 691
North Hollywood, CA 91603

Dear Mr. Lindo:

Thank you for contacting me.

I have had the auto dialer phone system delivering the message you heard, for about two months at a rate of 2000 messages per day to Dennis Zine’s constituents in addition to residents such as yourself in other districts.

Last month, one of the recipients who received my message, left a message on my answer machine asking for more information on Special Order 40. Upon returning the call, the caller turned out to be Araceli Perez, the widow of Ruben Rizo mentioned at the lead of the attached Daily News article, who was shot by illegal alien gang members outside his Canoga Park home last year. James Nash, the Daily News staff writer got the information about Araceli Perez from me. Araceli being Hispanic, is evidence of what I have been saying all along -- the issue of deporting illegal alien gang members is not a racial issue, as Hispanic immigrants, legal or illegal, favor it.

For a while, I couldn't get the Daily News interested in my campaign against Special Order 40, but when one of the Daily News editors who lives in Zine's district received the recorded message himself, he jumped on idea of a story by assigning James Nash to interview me. Nash did a good job in writing the article, but incorrectly labeled me an anti-immigrant activist. I sent the paragraph below to the Daily News which they printed in the "letters to the editor" page about a week later.

Netkin Responds: I would like to make a correction to James Nash's excellent article, "Is L.A. soft on illegals" (11-16-03). He referred to me as an anti-immigration activist. As a son of immigrant parents and married to a Mexican immigrant, I am hardly an anti-immigrant activist. Nash should have more accurately referred to me as being an anti-ILLEGAL immigration activist. As such, I do not advocate that the LAPD randomly sweep L.A. in a witch hunt for illegal aliens. What I do advocate, is that the LAPD turn illegal alien gang members over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation. Hal Netkin.

It seems that some of our leaders just don't get it. But what they will understand, is when the city is sued by the families of victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens who should have been deported before they committed their crimes. In this regard, I would like to put Araceli in touch with a lawyer such as yourself.

Before running into Araceli, I brought up the idea of suing L.A. on the behalf of someone who was killed or injured by someone who should have been deported, but so far, I haven’t been able to get any lawyer interested in this issue -- not even Steve Yagman -- he never responded to a letter I sent him.

I'm not a lawyer, but when I hear about someone who gets a half million dollars because hot coffee spilled on them, it makes simple sense to me that wrongful death or injury cases where an illegal alien gang member or criminal who should have been turned over to the INS by the LAPD, but wasn’t, should be a lawyer's cash-cow dream.

I have attached a copy of a letter by an organization called FILE (Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement).

FILE’s objective is immigration enforcement. They are a non-profit organization supported by financial donations and are not necessarily interested suing for compensation. They find lawyers who will work pro -bono or on contingency directly with the plaintiff. I know this because I am a co-plaintiff in a PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDATE against Los Angeles County. I won’t get paid and the L.A. attorney handling it is working pro-bono.

You might want to get in touch with FILE to strike up a business relationship, but there is nothing stopping you from jumping on this lawyer’s gold mine on your own. I personally want the satisfaction of providing, to put it in your words, a public service.

If my idea is of interest to you, call my cell phone and let’s talk. And if you are interested in representing Araceli Perez, I will put you in touch with her.


Hal Netkin

POB 3465, Van Nuys, CA 91407 -- tel/fax 818-989-3043 --