Foreign Secretary of Mexico Jorge Castaneda Gutman
Accused of Disloyalty to the Nation

PRI and PRD party leaders have asked for his resignation

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

George Gutman or Jorge Castaneda Los Angeles, Alta California September 26, 2001 (ACN) The Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Jorge Castaneda Gutman, had to defend accusations of ``entreguismo'' or of selling out to U.S. Zionist interests today before a Mexican Congressional Commission on Foreign Relations. Jorge Castaneda Gutman is one of many high level government officials of Jewish descent in President's Fox administration. President Vicente Fox of the Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) recently won the presidency from the nationalist Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) after the PRI held power for over 70 years.

Some senators and congressmen of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) and of the Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD) are very unhappy of the Secretary's comments and actions on behalf of Zionists in the U.S. as they pertain to the current crisis generated by the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Opposition party leaders feel that the Secretary went beyond his constitutional authority and placed Mexico in danger of retaliation from terrorists. In addition, Mexico has had very good relations with Islam, and Castaneda Gutman's pro-Zionist positions can strain greatly the nation's friendly relations with this great religion of the world.

Jorge Castaneda's rise was due to his strong Zionist connections in the United States and specially with those in academia. He studied and received a degree from Princeton University and has taught at major U.S universities and colleges that include New York University, Princeton University, Harvard, Dartmouth College and the University of California at Berkeley. He has also written extensively for the U.S. Zionist dominated media as a columnist. His many columns have been published in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Newsweek Magazine and Time Magazine. President Fox of Mexico chose him for foreign secretary for the very reason that Castaneda Gutman had very good connections in and knowledge of the U.S. political system. Now it appears that Gutman's connections in the U.S. are causing troublesome issues concerning the secretary's true allegiances. Some Mexican senators and congressmen think that Gutman is essentially betraying the Republic of Mexico.

One example, is Mexico's role in the recent World Conference on Racism that took place in South Africa where there was a strong movement to equate Zionism with racism. Under Gutnam's leadership, Mexico was for all intents and purposes silenced on the issue. Under the opposition party the PRI, Mexico voted in favor of a United Nations Resolution that equated Zionism with racism in 1975. Since then, International Zionist interests have made major moves to take over major sectors of the Mexican economy as well as making significant infiltrations of the Mexican government. With the PAN and President Fox, the Zionists have found very fertile ground to push their policies that favor Israel and Zionism in general.

Partial List of High Level Mexican Officials of Jewish Descent