Q: LAPD Chief Bratton says that if illegal aliens have  licenses, they will buy insurance and won't have to flee the scene of accidents in which they are involved, is that right ?
A: If you believe that once illegal aliens have driver licenses that they will run out and buy car insurance, then I want to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. If the enforcement of the law against driving without a license can't be enforced, what makes anyone think that the law requiring insurance can be enforced?
Q: Couldn't the DMV put some kind of mark or notation on the license so that it couldn't be used to board aircraft?
A: Advocates for illegal aliens say that a special mark could be used by some persons to treat the undocumented with scorn and ethnic discrimination" making the absurd analogy of the Jewish Holocaust experience in having to wear a "Star of David" arm band so as to be singled out. Perhaps illegal alien advocates would like to do away with passports and green cards for LEGAL immigrants for the same reason.
Q: But if there was some kind of mark or notation on the license, wouldn't cops target illegal aliens and discriminate against them when the license had to be shown to them?
A: The Mayor and the L.A. City Council already have approved the Mexican Government issued Matricula Consular ID. The only ones who need these IDs are illegal aliens. Presenting a Matricula ID to a law enforcement officer is a dead giveaway that the ID holder is an illegal alien. If the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and the L.A. City Council aren't bothered by the Matricula revealing that the holder is an illegal alien, why would they care if a mark on a driver license revealed the same.
Q: But if there was some kind of mark or notation on the license, wouldn't clerks at retail stores discriminate against illegal aliens if they had to present a marked driver licenses for identification to purchase something?
A: The advocates for driver licenses for illegal aliens have consistently said that the purpose of the license is for road safety and to be presented as identification to law officers only -- not for identification at the check-out stand.
Q: But if there was a notation on the license, wouldn't they be subject to being turned over to the Immigration authorities for deportation?
A: Yes. Fear of deportation SHOULD BE an intended deterrence to discourage illegal aliens from illegally entering the U.S. in the first place. But of course, those who fear such deportation could alleviate that fear by taking the bus to work like millions of citizens do.
Q: Won't our roads be safer if illegal aliens have driver licenses?
A: If the real issue was road safety, the advocates of licenses for illegals would have no objections to licenses that have a code to identify the license holder as undocumented. The real reason the illegal alien advocates want unmarked licenses for illegals is to give them stealth amnesty to allow them to blend in with the citizens.
Q: Why not allow illegal aliens to have driver licenses if they're going to drive anyway?
A: Because then the message is sent that if you break the law, California will change the law. It's like  saying "whenever you don't like a law, violate it and we'll change it for you -- have an accident, flee the scene and we'll give you a license.
Q:  Why not allow Illegal aliens to have driver licenses so that they can get to work?
A: Our federal laws prohibit Illegal aliens from working in the U.S. in the first place. Giving them licenses legitimizes their illegal presence in the U.S. and sends the message that Los Angeles welcomes law breakers.

Q: Yeah, we know they are in the U.S. illegally, but why not give them a break?
A: Because if you make an exception for those already illegally in the U.S., the news travels fast to thousands of others in Mexico and other third world countries that it is legal to be illegal in Los Angeles and California. Millions more will violate our immigration laws to get on the license bandwagon.

Q: Won't illegal aliens have to buy insurance in order to get driver licenses?
A: No. Persons taking the driver test at the DMV must prove that the car they are using to take the test is insured, but California does not require that you own a car in order to obtain a driver license. As such, no proof of insurance is required for a car you don't own.

Q: But won't illegal aliens have to show proof of insurance when they register their cars?
A: Insurance companies won't share their customer base information with each other let alone with the DMV. The DMV has no way to verify a false proof of insurance slip easily obtained in the MacArthur Park area of L.A., or generated on a home computer.

Q: If there is a required background check for illegal aliens including fingerprinting, won't it take the security risk out of awarding them driver licenses?
A: It is an oxymoronic idea to do a criminal background check on someone who has already broken U.S. immigration law. Moreover, there is no way to get any criminal background information on someone who may have illegally arrived to the U.S. three weeks ago. It is noteworthy, that after 9/11, a postmortem background check of all of the 19 terrorists who all had valid driver licenses, revealed that they did NOT have any criminal record. This is not surprising, as there was no criminal history on any of them in the U.S.

Q: If immigrants are identified as being illegal aliens, won't that cause the breakup of their families if they are deported?
A: The vast majority of illegal alien men who enter the U.S. illegally, do so leaving their families behind in their home country. Deporting them, will unite them with their families.

Q: What if they already have a family in California and they are deported. Won't that breakup their families?
A: Family members can leave with their deported heads-of-household to stay united.

Q: Why would it hurt to give people who are just trying to make a living to support their families, driver licenses?
A: It is a broad belief that "all" illegal aliens are just trying to make a living to support their families. Just as we have in our American society, there are those illegal aliens who are criminals and deadbeat dads.

Q: Couldn't we just deport deadbeat dads?
A: Good question. In 1994, California passed legislation requiring that all driver license applicants provide their social security numbers so that deadbeat dads could be tracked down and forced to pay child support through wage garnishment. Providing driver licenses to illegal aliens whom California knows nothing about, virtually hands foreign deadbeat dads a new identity that clears them of their responsibility to the families they abandoned.

Q: Most illegal aliens are hard working, honest people. Why punish the whole lot on account of a few bad apples?
A: Yes, it's true that the vast majority of illegal aliens are not a security threat, but as we learned from 9-11, it just took 19 bad Islamic apples to murder 3,000 Americans.

Q: Come on, illegal aliens from south of our border can't be compared to Islamic terrorists, can they?
A: We better not compare immigrants from one another -- that would be profiling. And terrorists know that. Terrorists who are smart enough to learn to fly airliners into high rise buildings, are certainly smart enough to disguise themselves as Hispanic illegal aliens and obtain driver licenses.
To watch clip on terrorists crossing Mexican border, click here

Q: Why not allow just those "good" illegal aliens who are hard working, honest, and looking for a better life have driver licenses?
A: Because there is no way to know the good illegal aliens from the bad ones. The 38,748 illegal alien inmates (23% of the jailhouse population) in Sheriff Baca's Jail, most who obtained valid California driver licenses before a social security number was required, are not "good" illegal aliens. Moreover, if California grants licenses to illegal aliens from Mexico, then soon, illegal aliens of other nationalities will sue for their "right" to also have licenses
Q: One of the requirements for illegal aliens to receive a driver license is that they pursue American Citizenship. Isn't this a good idea?
A: Citizenship is a noble goal, but there is no pressing reason that illegal aliens should be awarded  driver licenses. Aliens should first become citizens and then get their driver licenses. In the meantime, they should take the bus to work like millions of Americans do.