On Saturday, June 28, 2003, Hal Netkin took advantage of a gathering by Zine in his district at Whole Food Market in Chatsworth. My one-man demonstration resulted in Zine's offer to meet with me for a dialog on the controversial Special Order 40 issue.
After demonstrating for about 1/2 hour, Zine, who was meeting with constituents inside Whole Food Market, came out with an aid and walked up to me. I at first thought he was coming to tell me that I would have to move my location (I was marginally on private property). But Zine's purpose seemed to be the extension of an olive branch. We talked and he even had his aid take a picture of us together (with my camera). I asked Zine if we could meet one-on-one to discuss the Special Order 40. He agreed, handing me his business card and said to call him Monday Morning to arrange a meeting. I stopped demonstrating.

The following week, I met with Zine. We had what I thought was a positive meeting. I told him that I was not advocating the rounding up of illegal aliens (I have three brothers-in-law who are illegally in the U.S. whom I wouldn't want deported), but rather, I asked that illegal alien GANG members be turned over to the INS.  Zine said he would see if he could get some of his colleagues on board with the idea.

After not hearing from Zine for nearly three weeks, on July 14, 2003, he answered:


I am working on the Gang Enforcement program we discussed.  My legislative staff is working on the language.


After not hearing from Zine for another month, on September 13, 2003, I made another inquiry. Zine answered:

...I have already told you, it does not get done over night.  It takes time for the appropriate departments to investigate and prepare reports...

It became apparent that Zine was stalling. This was confirmed when on September 18, 2003, I read in the Daily News that Zine was *headed for Washington to testify in Washington, D.C., against HR2671, a bill that asks local law enforcement to cooperate with the federal government in apprehending illegal alien criminals.
*After I made public that Zine would be going to Washington, he emailed me to tell me that he didn't go after all -- but that is irrelevant to the point -- one thing is certain, it wasn't because he had a change of heart on the issue.

Zine was stroking me!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The gang problem is not going to be fixed with candlelight vigils.