The WinWagon is equiped with a cooler which will dispense punch to anyone who wants to have a drink on me.

There is also a "TAKE ONE" holder for those who would like to be informed.
Hatch flips open giving access to storage compartment where sidewalk signs will be stored.
Storage space will store various items and a storage battery for power to run night time lights.
The WinWagon is not finished. Other additions which will be made before the WinWagon goes into service this Saturday, Oct 5, 2002, are a boom-box, sign lighting, headlights, an umbrella, and a bicycle horn.

Starting Monday, October 7, every weekday morning until election day, I will station myself with the WinWagon  at the Van Nuys government center. I will walk precincts to meet voters in the afternoon, and will station myself and the WinWagon in shopping malls in the evening.

The WinWagon will be transported in a 4 X 6 rented trailer.