The UFCW's quest for new members will be its own demise.

The UFCW says that it has been struggling to organize, represent and improve wages and working conditions for immigrant workers for decades. Problem is that your union makes no distinction between illegal alien workers and traditional immigrant workers.

The UFCW is lobbying congress to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens. If the UFCW had its way, not only would it create tens of thousands of additional workers already here who want your job at a fraction of the wages you receive, but it would create a flood of new job hopefuls from third world countries who will drive wages down so low, that you can kiss your once comfortable jobs goodbye. Of course the UFCW says it wants union benefits for all new amnestied workers. Problem is that the UFCW policy would create an over abundance of new workers for which there is not enough work, especially in the Supermarket Chains. Would you want to share your job with others by cutting your part time from 24 hours a week to something even less?

Recently, Wal-Mart was busted for using illegal alien workers. These workers were happy to work for peanuts. Is it no wonder that the Supermarket Chains fear competition from corporations such as Wal-Mart who cut their expenses by hiring cheap labor?

Do you want new workers who would take your job in a heartbeat who depend on getting their healthcare from government?

The UFCW's advocacy of amnesty of illegal aliens, is nothing short of an advocacy to import poverty.

Tell your union bosses that you don't want them to destroy your jobs.

Tell your union bosses that you don't want amnesty for illegal aliens.

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