Squatters have been living at this Van Nuys location for at least six months hassle free from the (DBS) Department of Building and Safety. This is one of hundreds of squatting sites in Los Angeles located in Van Nuys on the S.W. corner of Delano and Cedros, only 1/2 mile from the DBS on Oxnard Bl. While DBS Inspector Tom Pruett gives out citations for minor violations like sagging fences, to tax paying property owners, he refuses to do anything about this.
This property, filthy, with human waste abound, located in Van Nuys, is home to squatters and vagrants. There is no pro-active code enforcement in many parts of Los Angeles. Because no one complains, the LAPD and the DBS don't bother to cite the owner. But even when someone does complain, little action is taken to make owners comply.