Dear Mr. Osborn.

While I find interesting,
piece which talks about British and French history and
your own philosophical take on the subject of anarchy, I don't see the relevance to the accusation that I
intentionally ran down so called "peaceful" demonstrators.

As it appeared to me and as
expressed to me by others, there could not have been any purpose by the protestors other than to try to
intimidate through violence, anyone wanting to attend the meeting from doing so. In fact, at least two
would-be attendees that I know of, seeing the mob, decided not to attend and drove
Because of the hostile atmosphere created by the protesters, none of the
meeting's attendees ventured out to the street side which was unprotected by police, to video tape what
actually happened, but there was some video that I have acquired which recorded what happened from the
inside of the meeting's parking lot. The photos and video clips are strong evidence supporting my version of
the chain of events which took place from the time that the car in front of me entered the parking lot to the
time my car broke through the mob which was a time frame of approximately 10 seconds. With my car
surrounded by an angry mob banging on my car windows and kicking the doors (resulting in a sprung door
and a bent windsheild wiper), the fear that engulfed me tiggered the thought of the Rodney King riot where
Reginald Denny, the truck driver who made the mistake of not driving away, was nearly beaten to

As with the press, you and the KPFK crowd assume that because I want to hear
what minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist has to say by attending a peaceful meeting (I myself am not a
minuteman member) that I must be a racist. And if I am a racist, then I must have arbitrarily and
premeditatedly decided to run down some people. Absent of truth, you then want a resolution suggesting
that I should pay a reasonable restitution to Theresa and the other people I may have injured or risked
injuring by my action -- nevermind the risk to myself had I not taken the action I

But any resolution would have to be made with the ground rules that both sides
be truthful -- and it is the side that you side with that has shown an affinity to lie and be

I have linked two video clips. Clip 1 shows, not a group of peaceful
demonstrators, but a hostile unruly mob that wants to shove their own beliefs down the throats of those who
dissagree with them, by intimidation with violence.

Clip 2 proves that the two
persons who claimed to be injured by my car faked the whole thing.

Watch       Clip

One of many demonstrator  making intimidating

Mob blocking only entrance to parking

One of many Mechista protestors well known for
racist Activity.
Protester with fist in air holds a sign protesting war (huhh?),
before striking red van. (shown in upcoming video clip)

Although no charges were rightfully not filed
against me by the Garden Grove Police, KPFK's loud mouth Jim Lafferty's airing of the distortion of the truth
on his talk show which I have recorded, included statements that I intentionally ran six people down
including himself when I had nothing to fear from the "peaceful" demonstrators, has placed my
family and me in danger with death threats and at least one site that posted a
"wanted" poster giving the license plate number of my car which happens to be registered to my
Mexican immigrant wife. It was no wonder that Telemundo showed up the next morning asking for an
interview from my wife. She of course, turned them away.

Lafferty and his fellow fakers should be thankful
that no charges were filed against me, as that would have brought the truth about their chicanery out in the

that you know the truth Mr. Osborn, perhaps you will show your sincerity as a self appointed mediator by
requesting that Megaphone Man and Theresa pay a reasonable restitution to me and my family for their
deceitful actions. As you say, that's fair; that's restorative justice.

I think also that Megaphone man and Theresa
should issue a public as well as a personal apology and a promise to try to do better in the future, both for
the sake of their own honor as members of our community, and to set an

With regards to a dialog, I agree to give my side of the story on KPFK on the condition that
Jim Lafferty give his side of the story on the Terry Anderson Show on

Hal Netkin
The two fakers put on a good show for the news