Glendora, Ca 91741

December 23, 2004

Ann Marie Tallman
President and General Counsel
634 S Spring St # 11
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Dear Ms. Tallman:                                                       RE: Proposition 200

Reference is made to your comments about appealing Arizona’s Proposition 200 through the federal courts. This time things are going to be markedly different for your side than 10 years ago with Proposition 187.

First of all, there’s no Federal District Judge Marianna Pfaelzer to delay a final ruling on Proposition 200 for three years like happened with Proposition 187.

Secondly, there’s no Governor Gray Davis to utter obscene public lies as was the case in April of 1999:

"I'm a governor, not a judge. I've taken an oath to uphold all the laws of the state, no matter how much I may
disagree with those laws."

"If this (Proposition 187) were a piece of legislation, I would veto it. But it’s not. It’s an initiative, passed by
nearly 60 percent of the voters through a process specifically designed to go over the  heads of the legislature
and the governor. If officials choose to selectively  enforce only the laws they like, our system of justice will
not long endure."

All this gubernatorial piety in spite of the fact that Davis had already struck a deal with your side to “mediate” the dispute with most of the major opponents of Proposition 187, and none of the proponents.

Those days are gone forever Ms. Tallman, and you’ll now be forced to plead your case in broad daylight on a level playing field.

Regarding your Jeanne d'Arc comments; -“It is heart-breaking to know that hard-working, contributing members of our community will be barred from receiving basic services and public servants will be forced to become de facto federal immigration officers”, there’s usually an opposing viewpoint to sanctimonious pronouncements. To most of us (oppressors), illegal immigration is an uninvited 600 lb. gorilla that sits in our living rooms and siphons-off ever-increasing amounts of desperately needed infrastructural resources. This gorilla is looting our future while being assisted by messianics in search of a cause. It’s intolerable that California is on the verge of financial collapse, yet we’re forced to subsidize illegal aliens annually to the tune of $6.7 billion, year after year after year. And climbing!

The root of this dispute goes back to Chief Justice Burger’s dissenting comments in Plyler vs. Doe; - "Without laboring what will undoubtedly seem obvious to many, it is simply not irrational for a state to conclude that it does not have the same responsibility to provide benefits for persons whose very presence in the state and this country is illegal as it does to provide for persons lawfully present."

As racist as that must sound to you, the above is what it’s all about. Better get used to it and deal with it.


Michael Scott