Glendora, CA 91741

August 5, 2004

Senator Gilbert Cedillo
State Capitol, Room 3048
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Senator Cedillo:

"This is a time for us to bring our country together and look for ways to build unity, not division. Immigrants are not here for services. They're here to work."

You have an unique way of bringing our country together and looking for ways to build unity. This is the fifth time you’ve attempted to liberate the California electorate from the rigors of self-determination by crawling under the democratic radar with a shameful piece of legislation that’s part of a long-term strategy to blur the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants, and grease-the-skids for millions of unskilled illegals to enter and remain in this country, with little or no consideration for the best interests of U.S. citizens already here.

Why should anyone trust such legislation from someone who was a student leader of an organization that believes the American Southwest belongs to Mexico? Why should anyone forget your bragging about displacing Americans with illegal aliens at the 1997 Southwest Voter Registration Education Project? What about your comments a few years ago, to paraphrase, “that Latinos aren’t going away any time soon; that they were here first?” (Historically incorrect)

The Girlie Men who support SB 1160 are fully aware that driver’s licenses for illegals are resolutely opposed by the people. (70%) Unable to win over mainstream Californians at the polls, and thoroughly unwilling to compromise their ideological objectives, they resort to a shell game called Apostate Democracy. This is a pantomime that looks for ways to circumvent the electorate,  using unchallengeable & veiled moral justifications to obtain through stealth what would be denied at the polls. The modus-operandi of Apostate Democracy is a mutated version of democracy that believes its ideological objectives supercede “consent of the governed”. This movement is ideologically dependent upon purées that are diet-rich in victimology and not-so-rich in patriotism and loyalty toward this country.

This isn’t about highway safety, and it isn’t only about internal security. It’s about American sovereignty and the fact that immigrant rights don’t belong to those who have no right to be here.

I don’t know how much of American history you were exposed to during your years of formal education. But it seems certain that you missed Abraham Lincoln’s, “It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but can't fool all the people all the time.”

The age of American innocence with illegal immigration has just about ended. This illegal immigration crisis has grown steadily over the past several decades and has now metastasized into something massive and out-of-control; exacerbated by our government’s hidden agendas, ideological rigidities, political opportunism, and legislative squeamishness that has gestated into the kind of “immigration reform” championed by non-sequiturs like highway safety and bringing people together.

Victor Hugo nailed it when he said, "There is one thing stronger than all the kings and queens, and all the armies of the world combined, and that is the power of an idea whose time has come". And that idea is that in the final analysis, no democratic society can indefinitely allow a relentless flood of illegal immigrants to contravene its laws, violate its borders, overwhelm its infrastructures and social systems, diminish employment possibilities for its indigenous uneducated and poor, and degrade its way of life, as is happening here in California. 

Happy trails One Bill Gil.


Michael Scott