FROM: Michael Scott
Glendora, CA 91741

March 1, 2004

TO: Ken Mehlman
Campaign Manager
Bush-Cheney 04
P.O. Box 10648, Arlington VA 22210

Matching Willing Employees With Willing Employers
John & Ken Talk Show Feb 26, 2004
Dear Mr. Mehlman:

I was puzzled by your reluctance to speak candidly to John & Ken about how the President's proposed (renewable) 3 year Green Cards for employed illegal aliens is something other than amnesty. The same applies to controlling billions of willing employees from around the globe from storming our borders while seeking willing employers. Should the President's immigration reform proposals actually become law, what will Mr. Bush do differently to control illegal immigration at the border and in the workplace that he's not doing now? Why won't the President provide details to such questions? Why won't you do the same?

Here in California where the horrors of illegal immigration are the most pronounced within the nation; backed-up by well-documented examples of federal malfeasance, we Californians aren't about  to accept "trust me" or "details will follow" explanations. Same for the avoidance of candor, like the way you ducked John & Ken's questions.  

In some of the Bush  Cheney campaign literature, the phrase "al Qaeda's leaders are now hiding in caves" appears. While I thank the President for that, it's also true that Mr. Bush's immigration reform programs are hidden in Beltway caves; guarded by consigliores like Karl Rove who'll only release selected sound bytes about what a good deal "willing workers seeking willing employees" is for the American people, when the opposite is actually true.

I've included some verifiable data about the financial devastation that 2.9 million illegal aliens are causing here in California. How about a return performance to the John & Ken show where these issues can be debated? As matters now stand, the President, Karl Rove and yourself have extended illegal immigration as a milestone of federal malfeasance to a prominence rarely seen in public service.


Michael Scott

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