Miriam Hernandez
500 Circle 7 Drive
Glendale, CA 91201

October 13, 2003

Dear Ms. Hernandez:

I received your letter of apology of October 7, 2003 -- it made my day!

As it turned out, when the subject story aired on May 21, 2001, my website was bombarded with over 500 hits in the next three hours and a few thousand hits in the following week. I at first thought that I would be castigated by all those who saw the story and emailed me, but most who visited the site <www.MayorNo.com> actually agreed with me. What's the old saying?,  "No news is bad news."

Many of those who in the past thought I was a kook, have changed their minds since the issue of Cruz Bustamante's ties to MEChA came to light in the national media. In fact, I did voice mail broadcasting as part of my own effort to prevent Bustamante from becoming governor: <www.BustamanteNo.com>.

Currently, I am doing voice mail broadcasting to Councilman Zine's constituents. I invite you to visit www.ZineWatch.com. I am now intensifying the ZineWatch campaign and believe it will become even more newsworthy soon at which time you might want to do a story on it. I will call you then.


Hal Netkin
POB 3495
Van Nuys, CA 91407

Sent Email and hardcopy.