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LAPD Chief William Bratton
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Los Angeles, CA 90030

March 4, 2004

Dear Chief Bratton:

I am in the process of writing a book on the subject of illegal immigration. As I do not want to have any inaccuracies published, I am sending this letter for research verification.

According to the information on the LAPD's own website: "The City of Los Angeles requires that a Police Officer candidate be a United States citizen, or that a non-citizen be a permanent resident alien who, in accordance with the requirements of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), is eligible and has applied for citizenship. During the selection process, each non-citizen will be required to prove that his/her application for citizenship was accepted by the INS prior to the date of application for employment. California State law requires that citizenship be granted within three years after the employment application date. For information regarding citizenship requirements, please contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) of the Federal Government."

Out of concern about the possibility of terrorists infiltrating the LAPD, on February 12, 2002, under the California Public Records Act, I requested from the LAPD's Risk Management Division, information as to how the LAPD verifies that non-citizen officers have received their U.S. citizenship within the three years after the employment application date (see attachment).

I received a letter from the Risk Management Division (see attachment).

The answer contained in the excerpt below is as follows.

"...The Department interprets your request as one for the records, as that term is defined in the Act, outlining the process by which compliance with the U.S. citizenship requirement for police officer appointees is verified. The department does NOT currently maintain any written policy on this matter, therefore, there are no records responsive to your request...." (Letter signed by Kevin F. McCarthy, Captain, Commanding Officer Risk Management Division).

Conclusion: The LAPD does not verify officers' citizenship

Please respond if my conclusion is inaccurate.


Hal Netkin