On May 14, 2004, Hal Netkin requested information from the LAPD under the California Public Information Act. He asked these two questions:

1. Does every LAPD officer including all detectives and rank-and-file officers carry the [matricula] decoder with them at all times while on duty? Yes or No?

2. What action if any, must an LAPD officer take to verify the authenticity of the previously issued Matricula ID that cannot be tested with the decoder, when presented by a suspect?


On July 28, 2004, Hal Netkin received the following answer to the two above questions:

...The Department has researched and located the following information responsive to your request. Not all officers, including all detectives and rank and file officers, carry the decoder at all times while on duty. An officer is not required to verify the authenticity of the previously issued Matricula. Based on individual circumstances, an officer will determine whether additional identification is needed to confirm a person's identity...

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