I have been a political activist for over 17 years. Guess what? There are a lot of people who don't agree with me -- especially on the issue of illegal immigration. I have been called a racist even though my work in the community and all evidence is to the contrary. But I have developed a "thick skin" over the years in taking opposition ranging from polite criticism to death threats.

But an incident in Garden Grove, California on May 25, 2005, resulted in widespread web circulation of hate propaganda directed at me and my family with such postings as this one which I have taken more seriously than just some anonymous hate email sent to me personally.



At about 7:15 PM, on May 25, 2005, I arrived at the location in Garden Grove where the Women’s Civic Club building is located to hear Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minutemen give a presentation to the public. Ready for any trouble, were scores of Garden Grove police, some dressed in riot gear and some horse mounted Sheriff Deputies.

All entrances to the parking lot were cordoned off except for the one by which I attempted to enter. As I turned right into the driveway which crossed the sidewalk, five to ten protesters jumped in front of my mini-van causing me to stop with the front of my van already in the private parking lot and the rear of my van on the parkway side of the sidewalk, at which time an additional mob of protestors shouting obscenities to me, surrounded my van beating on the windows with the butt ends of their wood sign handles and other objects (the Garden Grove PD reported that marble filled soda cans had been hurled at them). About ten yards ahead of my van on the private property, stood about six police officers who simply looked on with no attempt to come to my rescue. The fear that engulfed me brought to my mind Reginald Denny, who made the mistake of not moving on, who was pulled from his stopped big rig and nearly beaten to death during the Rodney King riot -- while LAPD officers looked on and did nothing.

Fearing for my life, I drove forward from a stopped position to the safety of the police officers to escape the angry mob. I saw protesters scatter from in front of my car, some banging on the hood with their fists. I did not think that anyone was injured, but later news reports said that two persons were injured. Those two persons turned out to be fakers.

I was then handcuffed and placed under arrest charged with assault with a deadly weapon (my car) and transported to the Garden Grove PD jail where I spent the next four hours. I was finally told that I would not be charged and released. I later found out that I was not charged because the police video of the event supported my statement of the facts.
The demonstrators who characterized themselves as being "peaceful," accused me of intentionally running down so called "peaceful" demonstrators when I tried to attend the Minutemen meeting at the Women's Center in Garden Grove, California. see May, 2005 L.A. Times archive. BTW: I am not a member of the Minutemen, although I support their cause.

As it appeared to me and as expressed to me by others, there could not have been any purpose by the protestors other than to try to intimidate through violence, anyone wanting to attend the meeting from doing so. In fact, at least two would-be attendees that I know of, seeing the mob, decided not to attend and drove off.
Because of the hostile atmosphere created by the protesters, none of the meeting's attendees ventured out to the street side which was unprotected by police to video tape what actually happened. But there was some video that I have acquired which recorded what happened from the inside of the meeting's parking lot. The photos and video clips are strong evidence supporting my version of what happened.

The video clip below shows that the two persons who claimed to be injured by my van faked the whole thing.
One of many demonstrators  making intimidating gestures
Cops doing nothing while mob blocks
only entrance to parking lot.
One of many Mechista protestors well known for their racist Activity.
Protester with fist in air holds a sign protesting war (huhh?), before striking the roof of a van.

Taking the threats to me and my family seriously, I moved my family to a rural area of Arizona for safety reasons (now based in Phoenix. But the move has given me even more resolve to carry on my activism as an advocate for America.

I wish to thank my subscribers and friends for your support.

Hal Netkin

The two fakers put on a good show for the news media
Yasser Giron
(Megaphone Man)
Hal Netkin: Los Angeles activist in exile.