for the New San Fernando Valley City District 11 (Van Nuys)

for the New San Fernando Valley New City

The new city is not named yet. The Voters will choose between five choices on election day.


We need your ELEVENTH HOUR support
Hal Netkin and Bruce Boyer have a unique opportunity to be elected to the new Valley City. This election is different than most other elections. Typically, in elections of established cities such as Los Angeles, the winner must get a majority of the votes over all other candidates. If he/she doesn't, then there is a run-off between the two candidates who got the most votes.

In this special "Re-organization" election, there will be no run-offs. Candidates do not need a majority to win -- they only need to have more votes than any of the other candidates.

Hal's opponents think he can't win because his top priority is the deportation of illegal alien gang members (whether they're charged with a crime or not.).

Bruce's opponents think he can't win because his first priority is the preservation of our constitution's second amendmend rights -- Bruce wants every law abiding citizen with no criminal background and proper training to have the right to carry a concealed weapon. And of course, we support each other's agendas.

But we think we can win because while the "open border" and "gun control" voters spread their votes among the other candidates, we know we can get the plurality needed just on those two issues.

But we need your help. At this point in our campaigns, we no longer want your donations. Give those to the Terry Anderson Show.

But we do need your support!

It's only a week and a half to election day, and we need your help in putting us over the top. We need you to volunteer your time to make personal phone calls to Republican voters in my district and two other districts. Anyone with an 818 area code can call from their home and can choose to work a couple or three hours any time between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm, seven days a week. Give us any amount of time you can.

Callers outside of the 818 area code are invited to come to Hal's offices (his garage) or Bruce's Business office and do the phoning from there. Hal has four phone lines and Bruce has seven. We need all the volunteers we can get so the volunteer part timers can be spread over shifts, keeping the lines going all day.

We will give you a short script and some background information so that you can answer questions and refer voters to respective web sites. Answer machine? No problem. Leave the message and go on to the next call.

If Secession wins and we get into office, we will change Los Angeles history (to start with). Please help us.

To volunteer, call Hal Netkin at 818-989-3043