These county signs are all over the county. Many illegal alien mothers already here and already taking advantage of the county's generosity, don't hesitate to phone their friends and family in Mexico and other countries to let them know that it is legal to be illegal in Los Angeles county.   Given the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy of the county hospitals, one does not have to be a space scientist to conclude that such policy encourages illegal immigration and the drying of the coffers.
Photo taken by Hal Netkin in 2002, Santa Monica Bl. at Amherst, West L.A.

After emailing a link to this page to the mayor and all the county supervisors and the city's council persons, the sign was removed. But the same pitch to illegal aliens can still be seen on signs posted on the back of city buses and on streets in East L.A.

Good news for immigrant families with low means