Americans in Los Angeles, 1965, doing the work Americans aren't supposed to be doing.
This photo seen in a book to third-grade teachers, published by the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) in 1965, named Los Angeles, an Urban Community, produced and edited by then Associate Superintendents, Robert J. Purdy and Everett Chaffee, both in the Division of Instructional Services, was course study for third graders.

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The apparel industry is a large industry in the Los Angeles area. Apparel is the clothing that people wear. Many sport clothes are made in Los Angeles. People living in the area often wear sport clothes because the climate is mild. Some of the cotton which is used in making clothes is grown near Los Angeles. Ships, trucks, and trains bring materials used in making clothes to the city. Many people buy clothing that is made here. The apparel industry sends clothing all over the world. Do you ever wear apparel that is made is Los Angeles?