Keynote speaker, Richard Alarcon, admits his sister is a Communist and former Chair of the Southern California District of the Communist Party, USA. She was also Secretary of its National Mexican American Equality Commission.
At the Valley Vote (offshoot of secessionists) meeting last Monday, July 19, 2004, at Galpin Ford, Hal Netkin recorded Richard Alarcon's admission that his sister Evelina Alarcon, was affiliated with the Communist Party USA. Alarcon tried to take the heat off of himself by comparing the Communist Party with the NRA.

Although most members of the Valley Vote are conservative, they disguised their vicarious embarrassment at Netkin's question, with laughter as if his question was a joke.  However, later in private, Netkin received a thumbs up          from some of the members.

To many of Alarcon's promises of what he would do as mayor, only a few members asked him tough questions out of which Alarcon squirmmed. Among Alarcon's agenda if he were to become mayor,
would be to move thousands of immigrant familiies forced to live in garages, into the middle class. He was verbally stripped naked when one member asked how he would do this and where he would get the money to do it. Since Netkin had already asked his bombshell question, there was no time for some other questions he would have asked like: Why don't we enforce our building and safety codes so that no one is allowed to live in garages. By immigrants, does Alarcon include illegal aliens (take a guess).

One member said in passing, that although Alarcon claims not to be a communist, he sure leans in that direction.
Richard Alarcon at Valley Vote Meeting