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October 26 -- "This is from the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol. It's a fifteen page report titled Latin Gangs in the Americas...These are former guerilla fighters... the gangs have infiltrated into Los Angeles... members are former members of the Salvadoran Army... The MS 13 and 18th Street Gangs...entire families have been hacked to death...with links to smuggling operations with possible ties to Muslim organizations..."                Listen
Our Worst Fear: Terrorists and Gangs Form Alliance
Secret DHS and L.A. County Documents Show Link
Links courtesy of American Patrol
This video shows how they can do it.
Is MS 13 (Mara Salvatrucha) something new? Heck no! In 1995, as a Van Nuys block captain,  I warned our incompetent Local Law enforcement that they had better repeal Special Order 40 or gangs like MS 13 and the 18th Street Gang would grow prolifically. They didn't listen then, and they aren't listening now.
Hal and daughter transport a simulated WMD from Sierra Vista, AZ, to Los Angeles
Los Angeles City Hall
Could something like this happen to L.A.? The question isn't "could," the question is when. Terrorists smart enough to learn to fly airliners into a high rise buildings, are certainly smart enough to cross the border with a WMD.

Can they be stopped? Yes, by putting the military on the border (like we do for other countries) but that won't help us with the terrorists that are already in the United States. More...